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30 minutes, Online | by donation

Friday 4:00 PM EDT | 1:00 PM Pacific Time | 8:00 PM GMT

A relaxed, nourishing, all-levels pranayama and meditation class. This class will ease you out of the week and into the weekend with greater focus, clarity and presence. 

More about the class: All our classes help you relax, slow down and find ease through the simple act of deep, controlled breathing. Each class ultimately helps guide you to a regular, fun, home practice, which once established, serves as your own nurturing space for inner peace, self-care, love, creativity and insight.
Join Mahalakshmi Mahadevan via Zoom.💙🙏


You can also join this class with a donation via PayPal or Venmo: @Mahalakshmi-Mahadevan

Donations are welcome for all guided meditation sessions.




Mahalakshmi Mahadevan

Mahalakshmi’s teaching embodies her careful, disciplined, fluid and versatile approach to training with the breath. She gently guides you through a relaxed, soothing, subtle and powerful experience with your breath that culminates in a calm, centered readiness for deep meditation. You will leave her class clear, calm and deeply nourished.


"Practicing with Mahalakshmi is like stepping into a totally different space. I had never attended a breathing practice, but after the 30-minute session, I felt shockingly refreshed and calmed." - Katie, Mexico City


"You are very kind, calming and easy to follow. I was able to do my breathing practice easily because you were giving clear instructions" - Yazmin, Washington D.C.